Newsletter Archive Listing

This is a listing of all newsletters, past and present, with the current one listed first.  Below each date of the newsletter will be a brief overview that particular newsletter.


March 2012

  • FedEx Price Increase Delayed
  • Sam's Club Cards Now Available
  • Xerox Copy Machine Maintenance May placed on Purchasing Card
  • Shopper-Only Role Available in Show-Me Shop
  • Show-Me Shop Vendor - McMaster Carr
  • Changes to Office Supply Catalogs in Show-Me Shop
  • Paperless Purchasing Forms Now Available
  • Show-Me Shop Upgrade
  • Requisition "Attention Field" Information


April 2011  

  • ePro Questions: When to Use Hotline vs Security Form
  • Purchasing Card Procedure **Update**
  • On-Line Bid Process
  • Change to Invoice Processing Procedure at S&T
  • Avoid FireFox when using Show-Me Shop
  • Agilent Technologies - Change to Payment Method
  • Its Scam Season - Beware!


March 2011

  • Staples Eway Site
  • Sole Sourcing Justification Now Online
  • Using P-card for Enterprise Car Rental
  • New Show-Me Shop Vendor- Fastenal
  • Show-Me Shop Vendor Listing
  • Marathon Office Supply Representative on Leave of Absence



November 2010

  • Fed Ex offers New Rates through Buying Coop Contract from E&I
  • Changes made to Dell Purchase Process
  • New Vendors Added to Show-Me Shop
  • Barnes & Noble No Longer a Show-Me Shop Supplier
  • Changes to Perkin Elmer in Show-Me Shop
  • Security form for eProcurement access has changed
  • Enterprise enhances University Contract